Monday, September 22, 2008

Askal of the philippines

Askal = Asong Kalye (English = Stray dog)

It seems that the Shih Tzu breed is becoming quite a trend with dog owners lately. Just go to pet-friendly shopping centers like Eastwood City and Tiendesitas—you’ll see them everywhere. A few years ago, it was the Labrador Retriever popular in homes. That makes me wonder… Will there ever come a time when our very own native dog gain popularity among dog owners?

The native dog, commonly called the “askal” (a colloquial shortcut for “asong kalye,” which translates to “dog from the streets”), are usually looked down upon. Worse, they usually get intentionally run down by merciless drivers or taken to slaughter houses to be put to death and later eaten. Some people think they’re expendable since they don’t have pedigrees worth thousands of pesos. Heck, even some breeders who claim to be “dog lovers” look down upon the native dogs.

They may not have pedigrees to boast about, but native dogs are as smart and as loyal as any other dog breed.

Spike, our dog pack’s alpha male, is a native dog. He’s been with us for more than 10 years already, and I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said he’d die for us if he had to. Spike is closest to my younger sister, Joyce. Joyce is schizophrenic. She’s OK now, but there was a time when she was still throwing violent tantrums.

Spike kept watch at my sister and made sure that she was ok. He even slept near her—near enough to see what she’s doing, but far enough from her reach just in case she had another tantrum. I can clearly remember a time when he saved my sister from hurting herself. We were all asleep, and had no idea that Joyce was already having a violent tantrum. Spike woke us all up, and took us where Joyce was. If it weren’t for him, we don’t know what could have happened.

A few years ago, I’ve seen a feature on TV about a native dog who can perform incredible tricks. And saw a different one on a magazine. Now, you can’t say that these dogs aren’t smart—because obviously, they are.

Loyalty? Of course, the native dog can be very loyal. They love their masters to the hilt—and would remain loyal to them till death. Honestly, I rather think that sometimes a native dog is more loyal than some of the more stubborn purebreds.

Let’s give the Philippine native dog the recognition it deserves, shall we? Be proud of being a native dog owner!


DaR said...

I agree! there's nothing wrong with owning stray animals. In fact, I think the best way to stop these dogs from evolving is to keep them. adopt them...keep them off the streets. this would help a lot in putting an end to the evolution of mixed mixed breeds. :)

cheviot said...

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yen2mei6 said...

yes its true i actually want to own some stray dogs but i don't were to find it i want puppy stray dogs

Pjay said...

We can see a lot of Askal around us... in different colors, shapes and sizes. they mix dog breed and not our native dog. this picture shows a true "pure breed native Philippines dog". most of askal are plain color vary from dark brown, golden brown to white. it has black color covering its nose and mouth. Got thick hair at the start of its eyebrow. a loving look in their eye. short ear, erected and flop. Askal wild content has been bred out through the years due Filipinos superstition. If a askal howl instead of barking, it means to them that someone from the member of the family will die. so instead, they will kill or sell out the dog. its not only hounds, husky and dingo can do the howling. if you saw an askal with this looks. take it because it is unique, you wont see it in manila for sure but in mountainous provinces.

Pjay said...

another reason why wild content of askal has been bred out: we have a Askal dog which comes very rare. we called it "asbaw" or "bang-aw". asbaw short for "asong baliw" or crazy dog. this type of dog act very wild, always bark to people with their watering mouth. they tends to chase and bite kids. Filipino usually kill these type of dog and never tried to interbred to other askal as it may kill or hurt someone.

alyka said...

True :D Askals are very smart and loyal dogs which I adore. I rather have them than a chihuahua. I have an askal dog named Ginger. She was rescued by my kid brother ( who is 9 years old ). When we first saw her, she was a growing puppy. But she was really thin, her face covered with scars and she is scared and hungry. My mom didn't like the dog but she let her in anyway. So we let her in, wash, feed and healed her. She can't even bark or move well. She was scared as hell and we wondered what happened to her before. After a month of love and support, Ginger is now a healthy, loving and happy askal. :D ♥

Aisy Lascano said...

We have Four stray dogs (Dancho,Douglas,Demi,Diether) they're are very sweet, they're not that really smart, they are smart enough to make you feel their loyalty and love :). for me it depends on how the owners raise their dogs or pet. kami kasi hindi namin kinukulong yung mga aso namin or tinatali eh, We treat them as family. nag i-stay lang sila sa bahay lumalabas lang sila if may lalabas din sa amin (amo) ^^. ever since hindi pa sila nakakakagat ng tao tinatahulan lang, pag sinasaway naman namin nagpapa awat naman sila.They are very sweet and friendly din. Ngayon kasi nanganak na si Demi 4 puppies kaya nag hahanap ako ng pwedeng mag adopt sa kanila which is responsible and animal lover,like us :) sana makahanap ako dito kung sakali ^^
sa may interesado, dont hessitate to message me... :) thanks for reading this ^^

John De Chavez said...

Gusto ko tlaga ng askal..kung tutuusin nga mas matalino pa ang mga askal kung ikukumpara mo dun s mga may lahing aso..meron aq dating aso sa batangas name nya dugong..pnangalan ko un kc dati sikat pa ung show s 2 n Marina..napakabait nyang aso at matalino.lagi namin kasama sa jeep namin..dun p xa nkapwesto sa hood o minsan s bubong p nga ng jeep eh.
Mga 10 years namin xa naging alaga.
Kaya kung meron poh kaung tuta willing po aq mag-adopt ng kahit ilan..message nyo lang poh aq..or txt 09192165086..o email me

John De Chavez said...

Hi..ask ko lang if may pnpa-adopt p kau ng tuta..guzto ko kc madagdagan ung alaga kong mga aso..if ever n meron p email nyo n lang poh koh

Yunieon Nyaa said...

I have a dog named after me, her name is Krim. She would sleep with me, sit with me, even lick me.. LOL I remember when my dad said that when I was sleeping, he checked me, and saw Krim sleeping with me.. Idk what happened but dad said maybe Krim saw him as a stranger (thet're not close) so she growled at him. (No worries! Even you put your hand into her mouth she wouldn't bite you... Too bad she died though, I cried the whole night after that..

Melinda Miralles said...

we have a dog name "Orange". he's an askal. We all love him very much. He's now 9 months old. He's very super playful. He sleeps with us in our bedroom every night. I've been training him to play fetch & so far he's doing good. Before we go up to our room at night, I would get a rug & wet it. when Orange sees me, he would approach me kasi alam niya pupunasan ko na paa niya bago ko siya papayagan umakyat. he also takes his vitamins regularly nang walang kahirap hirap, pag tinawg na siya ng anak ko para sa vitamins niya lalapit na agad yun. He knows when it's time to wake up my son in the morning, dinidilaan niya sa mukha or hahatakin yung kumot. He's adorable!


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